Friday, August 31, 2012

fast 6:30

Successful fast 5 today! Actually, it ended up being more like a fast 6:30 by the time I got home and ate some food. I felt pretty good all day. Not hungry at all. I guess I was super carb/junk-loaded from last night and that's why I didn't have an appetite. Gross. Work was slow so I did a some more online researching on the juice cleanse today. I found a lot of helpful info but everything looked super expensive (home delivery and at home juicers). I ended up going to Whole Foods to buy store-bought Columbia Gorge pure pressed organic juice (which as on sale - score!). I got: (2) Just Greens, (1) Carrot Beet Celery, and (2) Red Ginger Limeade which should last me at least a day maybe 2. 

 As I was checking out I saw that they also sold bottles of and I really want to get those because that's a true juice cleanse line but they were like $10/each which was over twice as much as the Columbia Gorge juices! IDK I may get one bottle when I go back to restock. The White Cashew Milk looked really good.

After work I hit the gym for a long cardio session on my empty stomach. It felt really good and I had a tone of energy. Then I jogged to Whole Foods, bought a veggie wrap and a yogurt parfait and a zbar, then walked home. Good pre-juice cleanse day. I'll probably just clean, watch a movie, and go to bed early tonight.

fast 5 & juice cleanse

So last night's happy hour was fun but not so great calories wise. I had two "summer" beers and then chips, chocolate, and some other junk. Obviously, alcohol is not conducive to weight loss. Blah. New day so I need to get over it. 

Today my goal is to do a fast 5. I over ate yesterday so I really shouldn't have a problem doing this. I'm going go do coffee, water, and teas throughout the day. Gym after work. And then run go Whole Foods to pick up a HEALTHY dinner and some juice for my weekend cleanse. I did some research and it looks like Columbia Gorge Just Greens juice might be a good substitute to use for my cleanse. I don't have $$$ to do one of those home delivery juice cleanes and I don't own a juicer so I need to be creative here!

I'm thinking this will be my schedule: 

Wake up: hot water with lemon, coffee 
Breakfast: green juice 
Lunch: green juice 
Afternoon: fruit juice 
Dinner: green juice

I've never done a juice cleanse before so I'm not sure how I'll make out. I 
may buy an apple or something for dinner just in case. IDK need to do more research I think. I saw one 3-day cleanse that involved 64oz of juice throughout the day and the a dinner of protein foods. Maybe I'll do that?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

mixed bag

Things have been going pretty well this week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I hit the gym hard and did 60 minutes of cardio followed by 40 minutes of pilates. I've been trying to incorporate more HIIT on the treadmill (sprinting/walking). I did this every day a few years ago and got into the best shape of my life. But I also ate really, really clean back then too. Grr, sort of need to work on that. 

Food wise things have been pretty OK. I've been staying around 800-900 calories and have been eating all healthy foods and very little carbs (just veggies and fruit) so far this week. Tonight I won't have time for the gym because I'm meeting a friend for happy hour. This means I'll be drinking 1-2 maybe 3 glasses of wine or beer. I haven't had any booze since Saturday though so I think it's ok. 

The not so great thing this week has been my weight. I weighed in really high on Monday and I thought I would have lost water weight since then but the scale has only dropped -2 lbs. Usually, I can drop 4-5 lbs of weight/water weight after a weekend of eating and drinking. IDK. 

This weekend I think I want to do some sort of cleanse. I was thinking a juice cleanse but I don't have a juicer haha. So then I was thinking I would just buy fresh juices from Whole Foods and have a couple of those + coffee. Has anyone done a juice cleanse before?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I'm thinking of coming back to blogger land and posting in here again. I took a break and tried to get my life in order and focus on other things besides weight/calories/my body/etc. That worked for a while, but then I undid a lot of hard worked and gained. I think I'm up +5 lbs since the beginning of summer, which is actually a lot for my height (5'4"). It's noticeable and it's driving me crazy. 

I want to lose at least 10-12lbs. I've been working out hard this past week (cardio, running, pilates) and trying to eat under 800 calories. I don't know if I should stay at this level, go lower (by incorporating fasts), or go higher (~1000-1200) and go the slow and healthy route. Fuck I don't know. I think I'll just stick with 800 for now. For some reason that number seems to work for me (usually).